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Rigs, Racks & Stand

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Wall Mounted 2 Racks Crossfit® rig, with which you can enjoy 2 spots for Squats, 4 to 8 spots for Muscle Up Bar and up to 12 spots for Pullups.

1 090,00 €

Squats Stand 2.5 PowerKan is a solution for strength training anywhere, garage, courtyards, terrace, box ... with the ease of removing as required. Very strong and manageable.

398,00 €

Wall Mounted 3 Racks Crossfit® rig, with which you can enjoy 3 spots for Squats, 4 to 12 spots for Muscle Up Bar and up to 19 spots for Pullups.

1 650,00 €
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Safety Holders for Rigs and Racks PowerKan insure performing squats and bench press without the danger of being crushed by the bar.

169,00 €

Wall Mounted 2R.2Plus Crossfit® rig, with which you can enjoy 2 spots for Squats, 3 to 6 spots for Muscle Up Bar, 2 to 4 spots of Rings and up to 12 spots for Pullups. All parts have a perfect finish of laser cutting and are coated with textured baked paint to optimise the grip.

1 490,00 €

Pull Up Tower PowerKan are prepared to enhance the momentum and coordination of the hands. In addition, it offers a spot for rings at a height of 3.20 m, depending on the columns.

260,00 €

The RSS-72 Rack PowerKan is specially designed for free weight training, including those practiced in Crossfit® and Powerlifting. It´s perfect for athletes who need a flexible space because it is not a requirement to attach it to the floor.

800,00 €

Using Tower L PowerKan space is gained for a position of rings or rope, taking advantage of high columns and saving space. Only valid for long columns.

132,00 €

Hook IRON for Bar of perforated profiles PowerKan, is coated with high density polyethylene powder and coating oven.

62,00 €

The Rope Connection is an accessory designed to secure holding the rope to beat it comfortably.

22,00 €

The Wall Ball Target is a specific accessory for the 4 m high columns. It has a diameter of 40 cm, perfect for Wall Ball of Crossfit®.

43,00 €

The Rings Hook is a valid accessory for to PowerKan rigs and racks, used to hang rings as well as ropes, individual pullup bar, thick grips…

32,50 €
Showing 13 - 24 of 35 items