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In 2006, a couple of friends who were fans of Strongman, Powerlifting and Weightlifting started manufacturing their own products for their own training due to a lack of factories dedicated to producing products for these sports.

Over time, their equipment proved to be very reliable and it started to be used in a few competitions for these sports. They soon realized that their products interested the other athletes for their high quality and modest price.

PowerKan was founded in 2008 by the need for a Spanish company to be dedicated to build machines for Strongman. The first Strongman machines were for the  LNF (Liga Nacional de Fuerza).

Yokes, cylinders, stands for granite balls, giant dumbbell, briefcases for the farmer walk, racks, rigs for squats... these are just some of the gadgets that they manufactured.

In late 2011, after the good reception of Crossfit® on national level, PowerKan decided to open a section dedicated to this sport. The adaptation of these equipment to this style of Sport is having very good results and is greatly welcomed by the new Boxes and Gyms.

A big project that was made for the Powerlifting was providing the Spanish Powerlifting Association (AEP) with all brackets and bench press equipment, that was necessary for the organization of the national championships.
Currently, PowerKan is growing every day, without advertising. This is happening just through the recommendations among athletes and always due to the high quality products, which are designed and manufactured to the most demanding customers.

Equipamientos Deportivos PowerKan S.L
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47400 Medina del Campo
(Valladolid) España

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