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Rowing Concept2, Model D, with PM5 screen.

1 125,00 €
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The 10 Bar Holder attached to the floor is valid for 10 barbells. It is an easy solution to keep in order your Box or Gym. Valid to store olympic Barbells vertically.

108,00 €

Vertical Plate Tree, without wheels, is intended for storing Rubber Olympic plates or Bumpers. The fact of not having wheels makes this stand have no load limit.

175,00 €
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The Atlas Stones PowerKan are sold totally manufactured and finished to be used. They are made using high resistance concrete and molds leaving a soft touch on the surface.

59,00 €

The Barbell Axle Oly PowerKan is 2.20 m long, with large load space and an inner grip space of 1.31 m, so it can be stored in any bracket or rack.

110,00 €

The Log PK180 has a diameter of 18 cm, a total length of 2.26 m and weighs 30 kg, making it perfect for Strongman and Crossfit® trainings.

295,00 €

The Yoke PK-Y2.5, is a product that could be used in many exercises: carry, push, pull, drag, pullups and serves as a support of squats and bench.

585,00 €
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Fat Gripz® is a gripping adapter of 50 mm, widely used worldwide. Helps increase strength and muscle mass.

19,00 €

The PowerKan Multi Shelf Stand helps you to keep organized your gym or box. 

460,00 €

The PowerKan Multi Shelf Stand helps you to keep  your gym or box organized. 

385,00 €

The PowerKan Multi Shelf Stand helps you to keep your gym or box organized. 

295,00 €

PowerKan hangers are the best option to keep organized any accesorie

16,00 €
Showing 37 - 48 of 79 items