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Flat Bench PowerKan to press, its structure is made of one piece with thick reinforced tube, preventing screws from getting loose or fasteners to move, coated baked. It has a wide leg in order to increase its stability.

210,00 €

Sled Push PowerKan is a very versatile and strong product, valid for speed workouts, push and pull.

355,00 €

PowerKan Bumper Landmine is a simple and easy to handle system for training all the muscles of our body with many exercises.

55,00 €

The Farmers Walk are intended for training grip strength and Strongman. They are of a light weight so they can be used by all level athletes.

145,00 €

The Yoke PK-Y1.8 is a product that could be used in many exercises: carry, push, pull, drag, and serves as a support of squats and bench.

550,00 €
Out of stock

The 6 Bar Gun Rack is an easy solution to keep in order your Box or Gym, valid to store any type of barbell horizontally.

54,00 €

The Axle Bar PowerKan is of a total of 2 m long and an inner grip interval of 1.31 m, so can be placed in any Support or Rack. Is coated baked with textured paint for grip and weighs about 7 kg.

95,00 €

With the Individual pullup bar PowerKan, you can work Pullups and Muscle Up bar, balancing work a plus. It is very easy to remove and replace.

79,00 €
Out of stock

The Log PK250 has a diameter of 25 cm, a total length of 2.26 m and weighs 37 kg, making it perfect for Strongman and Crossfit® trainings.

350,00 €

PowerKan Mini Sled, made of 6 mm sheet, with a side folding that reinforces the product and secures its durability, with a fold flat Load Post.

97,00 €
Showing 25 - 36 of 78 items