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List of products by manufacturer Powerkan

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The 10 Bar Holder attached to the floor is valid for 10 barbells. It is an easy solution to keep in order your Box or Gym. Valid to store olympic Barbells vertically.

108,00 €

The PowerKan 110 Wall Mount Rack is specially designed for free weight and strength training, including those exercises practiced in Crossfit® and Powerlifting.

395,00 €

PowerKan 3 bars stand is a great accesory to add to PowerKan Multi Shelf Stand.

49,00 €

The 6 Bar Gun Rack is an easy solution to keep in order your Box or Gym, valid to store any type of barbell horizontally.

54,00 €
Out of stock

With AB Roller you can work many muscles with several exercises, just using the weight of the athlete, anywhere, anytime.

85,00 €
Out of stock

The Atlas Stones PowerKan are sold totally manufactured and finished to be used. They are made using high resistance concrete and molds leaving a soft touch on the surface.

59,00 €

The Barbell Axle Oly PowerKan is 2.20 m long, with large load space and an inner grip space of 1.31 m, so it can be stored in any bracket or rack.

110,00 €

The Barbell Jack PowerKan speeds up and facilitates the upload or download of many kilos to an Olympic barbell.

210,00 €

The Farmers Walk are intended for training grip strength and Strongman. They are of a light weight so they can be used by all level athletes.

145,00 €

Flat Bench PowerKan to press, its structure is made of one piece with thick reinforced tube, preventing screws from getting loose or fasteners to move, coated baked. It has a wide leg in order to increase its stability.

210,00 €

Free Standing 4 Rack Crossfit® rig, with which you can enjoy 4 spots for Squats, 6 to 8 spots for Muscle Up Bar and up to 16 spots for Pullups.

1 950,00 €
Showing 1 - 12 of 63 items